Miracles Workers | TBS

We were tasked to build & deliver environments where Ezekiel and the wagon train halts before crossing the river. This build needed to cover almost 360 degrees to fit into over 200 shots composited by the amazing team over at Ingenuity Studios. The base build was done in CG, then combined with matte painting and sent downstream to compositing. To keep things simple, the environment was broken down into a series of panoramas having a good amount of overlap between them. The resolution was kept over 15k for each, so we would have enough pixel data to compensate for the variety of focal lengths used.
The ground base had to match with the practical plate for easy integration in compositing. For the vegetation, our team built the assets ranging from trees to smaller grass patches which where then set dressed as per the art direction. The BG was a combination of renders and matte painting techniques.
Render Imagination Copyright

Ultra wide panorama establishing the river bank on the far side (Wyoming). This was built using a combination of CG renders and Elements. Overall size was kept quite large so it could also hold up to closer shots when the wagons start to cross.

A few of the shots where our environments are used

Environment (East) The ground was built using a combination of various techniques in substance to closely match the practical location. Our team extracted a lot of references from the set data to place elements precisely.

The extension surrounding Ezekiel (plate) was based in CG, extending the environment we built for the wagon shots. The setup was heavily layered to give a lot of control and variation as needed.